JJ Rebreather courses in the warm clear waters of the Red Sea

We have heard many people say “I want to train in the same conditions that I dive in” At first thought you would think that’s sensible. Unless you dive in cold, dark, poor visibility, fast moving currents and dive times dictated by the moon. In those conditions you don’t get the most for your tuition.

We prefer to think that it is better to dive where you will get the most from your instruction, more time with the instructor, more in water time and where the conditions take a lot of the stress out of undertaking courses. When you have completed the course and you are competent, return home and practice what you have learned in the same conditions that you dive in.

Here at Tekdeep Egypt, we provide a full range of technical diving courses and we pride ourselves with the rebreather support and tuition that we can provide.

Why Learn With Tekdeep?

  • We keep over 100,000 litres of technical diving gases ready for your demands.
  • We have over 30 pairs of rebreather cylinders to suit all units.
  • Ready rigged stage cylinders filled with technical gases. Take what you require for your bailout and you only pay for the gas that you use in the cylinder and a small pumping fee.
  • Molecular Products 797 and Intersurgical Dive Lime 812 carbon dioxide absorbent.


Course Prices


If you would like more information on learning to dive a JJ Rebreather with Tekdeep Egypt please do not hesitate to contact us.


*Extra charge applies for Rosalie Moller and Thistlegorm.